Acerbi-Juan Jesus: Verdict Incoming. Sentence possibly womorrow


La Gazzetta dello Sport report that a verdict in the Juan Jesus-Francesco Acerbi investigation could come tomorrow. The sports judge’s ruling on the alleged racist insults towards Juan Jesus during Inter-Napoli is expected this week, with the pink newspaper suggesting it could be as early as tomorrow.

Gazzetta write that the sports justice has wanted to speed up the process in order to give a quick conclusion to a matter that has ‘gone well beyond the perimeter of football’.

Between Tuesday and Thursday of last week, federal prosecutor Giuseppe Chiné acquired all the images of the contact between the defenders on the field and also the confused moments that followed, in which Juan Jesus reported to referee La Penna that he had suffered insults and immediately received apologies from the Inter player.

After the hearings of both the Inter player and the Neapolitan before the weekend, the dossier was closed, and the prosecutor’s report should only arrive on the desk of sports judge Gerardo Mastrandrea today.

At that point, barring surprises, it is likely that the final decision will come from some point tomorrow onwards. If the prosecutor had sufficient evidence to ascertain the racist nature of the insult, according to Article 28 of the Sports Justice Code, a sanction of at least ten matches would be imposed.


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