Allegri: “The most important match is always the next one”


Max Allegri says he is focused on Juve’s upcoming match against Salernitana: “The most important match is always the closest one”. The Bianconeri know that victory against the already relegated Granata will guarantee them a place in next seasons Champions League. Speaking ahead of the crucial match, Allegri gave an update on his squad, while also briefly touching on their upcoming Coppa Italia final against Atalanta:

“We’re approaching it well, the important thing is to try to close in on the first objective to prepare well for the Roma match, with Atalanta.”

“The most important match is always the closest one. We can’t overlook Salernitana; it would be disrespectful. Matches are won on the field, if you don’t win, you don’t get points. Tomorrow’s is the most important; we need to secure Champions League qualification. It won’t be easy; it will require attention, respect for Salernitana. They have fast players up front, in their last home match against Atalanta, they played well. They gave Roma a tough time. They’re a lively team. They have players who want to stand out. In their unlucky season, they’re looking for a positive note. To remember this tough season with a good result in Turin. We need to play a solid game.”

“Tomorrow, the best lineup will take the field, hopefully, it will be the one I’ll put together to play against Salernitana. Once that’s done, as we qualify for the Champions League, we’ll think about Atalanta. The best players will play. In the best physical and mental condition. De Sciglio, Alex Sandro, and Danilo are out. Of these three, two could recover for Atalanta. Chiesa and Yildiz are a bit under the weather due to a virus. Yildiz is recovering; he lost several kilos. Federico was 50-50 this morning. I’ll assess their condition tomorrow morning. Depending on how they are, I’ll decide the lineup. I’ll decide the lineup based on their condition.”

“Chiesa is improving because he’s finding better physical condition. He faced difficulties before. Dusan has scored many goals; the numbers are in his favor. If he plays tomorrow, he could determine the match. Who will play? Apart from these absences with Chiesa and Yildiz, the others are all fine.”

“Do I have any regrets? Everyone makes mistakes; I’m the first to admit it. Let’s focus on tomorrow’s match, then on the match in Rome against Atalanta. At the end of the season, as always, I’ll evaluate with the staff. It’s been an unusual season for Juventus because we didn’t play in the Champions League.”

“The ultras reaction? I’m happy; it pleases me. The important thing is that tomorrow, above all, they’re with the boys. Tomorrow is an important day for Juventus; Juventus must return to playing in the Champions League, and it wasn’t a given. Feedback? Have a little more patience. You’ve had a lot. Patience is the virtue of the strong. We’re almost at the end; let’s focus on tomorrow’s match, hoping for a positive result. And it will have to be. Then we’ll think about Rome and Atalanta, which is a final.”

“Let’s wait for the end of the season, let’s make evaluations then . Explanations? There are many reasons, many combinations. We could and should have done better.”

“Freshness? I’ve always preferred playing every three days; fatigue can be managed. The next four days? We started with two objectives. Qualifying for the Champions League and reaching the Coppa Italia final. We need to take one thing at a time with clarity, composure, and serenity. It will be difficult. Like all matches, they are won on the field. Then someone loses. We need to be good.”

“Djalò? At this moment, the most important match is Salernitana. Then the others come. Djalò is doing better. He could even play. With Danilo and Alex Sandro out, I have four defenders; three will play. I’ll have to evaluate.”

“Meeting other coaches? It’s an exchange of ideas, when you have these meetings, you share experiences, a past, of a coach, in front of younger guys. Someone will become a coach, someone also does other things. They like to learn. Nice meeting, they’re always pleasant.”


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