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Allegri: ‘We have to continue to fight racism’


Max Allegri condemned the racist abuse aimed at Juventus striker Dusan Vlahovic during their 2-0 win over Atalanta: ‘We have to continue to fight racism’. The Bianconeri boss was speaking after the Serbian striker was subjected to a chorus of racist insults during the match in Bergamo. Talking with DAZN (as quoted by Sky Sport), Allegri explained some of his tactical choices in the game, including why he started Samuel Iling Jr over Filip Kostic, and explained why he believes players have to ignore the racist chants on the pitch:

“We started well, when slowed the ball down we lost it too often and they went up in intensity. We defended well as a team, also because both Di Maria and Milik worked well in the non-possession phase. So did Vlahovic and Chiesa, who dropped down to create spaces for the counter attacks. A good game from Rugani, who always makes himself ready.”

“Champions League places? The discourse is not yet closed. There are still many games to go, also because the victories of Inter and Milan have raised the qualification quota. Iling Jt from the first minute? Compared to Kostic he has different characteristics, he attacks depth better, so after Wednesday’s game I thought it could be his game.”

“The insults at Valhovic? Unfortunately, these chants continue, you have to fight them. On the pitch we should ignore them, because we only create confusion anyway, and then wait for those in charge to make the right decisions. I have recommended to myself at this stage of the season to have a correct behavior towards the referees because we risk losing men without sense.”

“Vlahovic’s goal? He arrived at Juve with too high of a responsibility. Maybe, at this moment, the responsibility is lowered and he is happier to play.”


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