Atalanta considering Oskarsson for vice-Scamacca role


Atalanta are reportedly eyeing Icelandic forward Orri Oskarsson from FC Copenhagen to serve as a backup for Gianluca Scamacca. The 19-year-old  has caught the attention of the Nerazzurri, who are aiming to build a competitive and versatile squad for the upcoming season.

La Gazzetta dello Sport report that the objective is to ensure squad depth and maintain a competitive edge across all fronts. Atalanta’s head coach Gian Piero Gasperini, speaking at a recent celebration event, highlighted the importance of not just dreaming big but also preparing meticulously. “If you ask me if we’re ready for the Scudetto, I say: no. But I hope we will be,” Gasperini said, reflecting the aspirations of the Bergamo fans.

Building for the Future

Gasperini emphasized the need for a robust squad that can compete at the highest levels, including the Champions League and the European Super Cup. The transfer market strategy involves securing a couple of top signings while minimizing the departure of key players. The focus is on creating a team that can consistently perform at the highest level in Serie A.

Key Transfers and Squad Stability

Reducing departures, ideally retaining players like Koopmeiners and Ederson, who are highly monitored in the European market, is crucial. Gasperini acknowledged that Atalanta’s successful model has historically relied on balanced finances supported by profitable player sales. Any significant offers for key midfielders will be considered if they approach the €60 million mark, and the club must also contend with lucrative offers from top clubs that can exceed Atalanta’s salary limits.

Addressing Offensive Needs

Should one of the key midfielders leave, a replacement will be necessary. Otherwise, the primary needs include a defender, one or two midfielders, and two forwards. This is especially pertinent given the possible sale of Miranchuk. A substantial portion of the transfer budget may be allocated to securing a strong winger. With El Bilal Touré seen more as a winger, a young vice-Scamacca is also a priority. This player would ideally be young but capable of stepping in when needed, similar to Hojlund during his early days at Atalanta.

Oskarsson’s Profile

Orri Oskarsson, born in 2004, fits this profile. The Icelandic forward, who plays for Copenhagen, shares the same agency as Scamacca and has a contract with his current club for one more season. Oskarsson is already a regular in the Icelandic national team, with eight caps and two goals. He had an impressive season, scoring 14 goals in total—two in the national cup and nine in 26 league matches, along with six assists. His standout performance includes a hat-trick in the Champions League qualifiers, which garnered significant attention.

Rising Talent

Oskarsson’s recent form has been notable, with six goals since early April as he secured a regular starting position. His ability to perform under pressure was highlighted in a Champions League qualifier against Breidablik, where he scored a hat-trick in just 12 minutes. Interestingly, this match was against a team coached by his father, Oskar Thorvaldsson.


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