Baroni: “Transfer Market? I Focus on What We Have. We’ll Play with a Back Four”


Marco Baroni, the new head coach of Lazio, held his first press conference today, addressing various topics ahead of the team’s summer retreat in Auronzo di Cadore starting July 11. Baroni emphasized the importance of hard work and team values from the outset:

“We need to start working hard right away. I know I have a team with a strong work ethic. We simply need to intensify our efforts. The important aspect is values. For me, that makes the difference in both small and big things. The team must have this from the start. I always say that in football there’s no time, so we must immediately work on these aspects: dedication, passion, and commitment to work. When a team goes on the field and demonstrates to those watching the components I’m talking about, the most important part has already been done.”

“I don’t think locker room harmony is a problem. When Lazio’s call came, I was happy because it’s the highest point of my career. There’s a lot of enthusiasm from me and my staff. We must be a team without fear that wants challenges. I like challenges. My team shouldn’t play for itself but for the people. Important players have left, but we’ve brought in young players who will have to pick up that baton. The components I mentioned before are fundamental,” the new Lazio coach then explained.

On the transfer market: “I never look at what’s missing, I always look at what I have. I appreciated the president’s words. There has been a process of rejuvenation here. I always put the player at the center of the project. My job will be to make them perform at their best. The value of each individual player never makes the value of the collective. The involvement in choices has been total from the beginning. From this point of view, I’m only happy. Some departures have been made and the President has explained why. We’re not chasing anyone away here. I start with a squad where I have pairs in every role. I can’t wait to be on the field working.”

On the formation: “Surely the setup will be a back four with double wingers. Within this, there will be possible variables. We won’t move from there. This is just a framework. The most important thing is that the team has compactness. For objectives, to create an objective is to start from work. I want to improve on what was done last year. We have 47 matches and the will is to play more. Every player must play every minute at their maximum.”

On Greenwood: “We know Greenwood’s value. I know he’s a good player. But it’s something I don’t want to talk about, just as I don’t want to talk about individuals or the transfer market.”

On Sarri: “There was a phone call with Sarri but only for greetings. There’s respect between us. We crossed paths in the C2 championships and we’ve been working in football for a lifetime. There’s professional esteem and an excellent personal relationship.”


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