Barrenechea: ‘Frosinone is the right place for me to grow’


Juventus youngster Enzo Barrenechea believes his loan move to Frosinone is perfect as it will give him the opportunity to grow as a player. The 22-year-old arrived earlier today and was presented to the press, along with fellow new signing Walid Cheddira:

“My role? With Juve I played as a mezz’ala, now I feel more comfortable playing as a playmaker. I think Frosinone is the right place to grow, important for me to put in minutes to contribute to a team and personal growth process. I hope to give my best to achieve our goals.”

“From Juve I bring the beautiful and formative experience of having trained with great champions, I think I made the most of sharing the same locker room with them for quite some time. For me an important baggage for overall growth.”

“Gatti? With Gatti I haven’t talked about Frosinone and I haven’t had a chance to do so since I arrived here either. I can say with certainty that what he shows on the field, and I am referring to grit and competitive grinta, is all a child of the experience he has had here at Frosinone.”

“I think what I identify best with is the aerial game and good pace in the middle of the field, I need to improve instead in the pace of play.”


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