Beppe Marotta: “Our cycle Is midway. My 10th scudetto? Perhaps 9 and a half…”


Inter CEO Beppe Marotta spoke to SportMediaset after last night’s victory against Milan, explaining the importance of their Scudetto victory:

“It was exciting, engaging, adrenaline-filled… Up until five minutes from the end, Milan could have equalized. I would like to give dedications: first and foremost to our president, Steven Zhang, who suffered from afar. Then to the fans, extraordinary, those who were at San Siro and those celebrating elsewhere. Then to the group leaders: firstly, Inzaghi, great credit to him for shaping the team. Then to the players and members of the club who supported the group.”

The second star has always been the goal…

“Our model has proven to be successful. It’s composed of important values like a sense of belonging and a work culture. I have excellent collaborators like Ausilio and Baccin, and we’ve provided important players to a coach who instilled the right mentality. In sports, cycles eventually end, but in my opinion, ours is only halfway through. There’s still much to do. The regret is exiting the Champions League like we did, while the league title we deserved, it was the result of our work culture and the sense of belonging of the Italian core players we have.”

Your contract expires in 2027. Do you plan to continue?

“I’m at Inter’s disposal as long as Inter desires. In 2027, I’ll be 70 years old, perhaps it will be right to pass the torch. But I feel young, I feel adrenaline, I still want to give something important to Inter fans.”

Plans for the future? How do you improve this Inter?

“There are always improvements, even within the players themselves. There are players who have found little space and I believe they’ll find more over time. We must pursue the value of sustainability, with an eye on both sporting and financial aspects. However, this applies to all major clubs in Italy; our strength lies in having courage. This year, we changed 12 players, finding the right replacements, so let’s keep going.”

Given the difficulties of recent years, is this your most beautiful Scudetto?

“I wouldn’t say the most difficult because we led for a long time. But it’s beautiful due to the extraordinary achievement of the second star that coincided. There were many pressures to manage, and we did it, also thanks to the response of the players. We want to enjoy it.”

Have you heard from Zhang?

“Yes, very happy.”

The second star for Inter, but the first for you. With this, you have won 10 championships between Juventus and Inter…

“Let’s say 9 and a half… I left Juventus in mid-October. If you consider that, then it’s 10. Is she the secret? No, football is characterized by precise rules. Just respect them, and then the results come.”


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