Bernardeschi: ‘Vlahovic can score 25 goals, it’s a miracle he scored 14 in his condition last season’


Former Juventus winger Federico Bernardeschi believes it’s a miracle Dusan Vlahovic managed to score 14 goals last season considering his injury. Speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Bernardeschi touched on the issues his former club has faced over the last year, explaining how these may factor into the new campaign:

“I see Juve coming from a year in which many things have happened that will also affect the next season, such as not making it into the European cups”.

“Juve is always Juve, they have a strong coach to rely on, who has the right experience to bring them back to the top, but they are not serene and need to put men with Juventus values ​​back into the group.

“The priority, as Allegri said, must be to return to the Champions League, but with one match a week Juve becomes very tough to play against.”

“Vlahovic? I am convinced of this: if Dusan is fit, he scores 25 goals in the league, in 2022-23 he scored 14, a miracle in his conditions.”

“The groin injury gets into your head and it never makes you feel good, you don’t know when it goes away. I got out of it by having surgery. Dusan is a great player, he’s young and takes free-kicks and penalties. You need time.”


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