Thiago Motta

Breaking: Corriere della Sera – ‘Thiago Motta to Juventus is a done deal’


Corriere della Sera report that Juventus have reached an agreement for Thiago Motta to become their next coach. The Bologna tactician has been linked with the Bianconeri since the turn of the year, with a number of Italian news outlets suggesting that a deal was close.

Corriere della Sera now write that:

‘In a dramatic turn of events, Juventus have reached an agreement with Thiago Motta to become their new head coach, leading to the inevitable departure of Massimiliano Allegri. The deal, which has been in the making since January, is set to bring Motta to Turin on a three-year contract (two years plus an optional third) worth around €3.5 million per season, excluding bonuses. Although the contract is yet to be signed, the agreement is virtually sealed.

‘The negotiations for bringing the Italo-Brazilian coach to Juventus have been ongoing for months, creating significant friction between Allegri and the club’s management. For Allegri, it wasn’t just the substance of being replaced that stung, but the process — the clandestine nature of the discussions and the lack of transparency.

‘Cristiano Giuntoli, Juventus’ head of the technical area, initiated contact with Motta’s representatives early in the year. Despite denials from both parties and various rumors about secret meetings in Fiorano and Maranello, the deal was quietly progressing. This covert approach has been a major source of frustration for Allegri, who felt increasingly sidelined and uninformed about the club’s future plans.

‘The final straw for Allegri came when reports of his imminent dismissal began circulating in the media. This public speculation, coupled with ongoing internal conflicts and tensions — including a heated argument with senior executive Francesco Calvo — led to Allegri’s breaking point. Allegri, who had long tried to navigate the tumultuous environment, was deeply affected by the perceived disrespect and lack of communication from the club’s hierarchy.

‘Motta’s arrival is seen as a significant shift for Juventus. Known for his progressive football philosophy, Motta’s hiring aligns with the club’s vision of modernizing its approach and focusing on the development of younger talents. This strategic direction starkly contrasts with Allegri’s preference for experienced players, which was evident during the January transfer window when Allegri’s requests for seasoned midfielders were overlooked.

‘As Juventus prepares to enter a new chapter under Motta’s leadership, the club aims to blend football success with financial prudence. Giuntoli’s decision to support Motta’s candidacy reflects a broader vision for the club’s future, emphasizing innovation and strategic player development.’


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