Bremer: ‘Thiago Motta will be well received by the locker room. My future? I will talk about it after the Copa America.”


Juventus defender Gleison Bremer spoke to AS about his past seasons with Juventus, as well as the arrival of Thiago Motta and his future:

In the end, what many people were asking for has been realized, he ended up being called up by Brazil. How is he?

I feel very good and prepared for everything I have done in recent seasons. In the National Team nothing changes and I continue to train with great availability and motivation to help the team in the best way if the team chooses me at any time.

The last seasons with Juve have been a roller coaster of emotions: from the point reduction last year to the Cup winners and now Allegri’s exit. How do you evaluate the year in question?

Yes, yes. The issue of penalty points was in the 2022/23 season and left us very sad, but these are things we could do nothing about. In Serie A we started very well, but from January and until the end of the League we left some points along the way and we were not able to fight for the title until the end. But in my opinion the balance was positive. The good thing is that we managed to win the Cup, a very traditional and important tournament. We deserved a joy because we worked very well and above all the issues that had passed.

And about Allegri’s departure, it’s complicated, but that’s football. I wish him all the luck in the world in the sequence of his career. I’m sure he will continue to be successful wherever he goes because he is a very professional person and passionate about his work and competition. I learned a lot from him.

You arrived as a star in your first season and now you have been named as one of the best defenders of the year. How do you evaluate your evolution in these two years?

Before arriving at the club I stayed four years in Turin and I evolved a lot as a player and as a person. I matured a lot. When I signed for Juventus I already had a good knowledge of the championship and also of the country. I had already managed to win the award for best football players when I played in Turin and I continued to demonstrate my level with my work at the new club. Little by little we are helping Juventus to return to being a protagonist and to fight for big things. I sincerely hope that next season will be of great joy for all of us, players and fans.

At the end of the season, Allegri’s dismissal and Thiago Motta’s arrival were confirmed. How was it felt in the locker room?

As all this happened at the end of the season, we had already left for vacation or had joined our respective national teams. I can’t tell you how the atmosphere remained in the locker room because I don’t know. But, as I said before, I wish all the luck in the world to Allegri.

Thiago Motta will be well received by the entire locker room. He is a professional who has done an excellent job and I think it was an excellent choice by the club. As for me, I will do my best to help him adapt as soon as possible.

Unlike other years, the ‘Canarinha’ has an overcrowding in the defensive department. Gabriel Magalhães, Militão, Marquinhos, Danilo, you… how do you evaluate this competition?

The competition in the National Team has always been and will always be very tough. We have many very good players and it is not easy to be among the five called up for the delay. I had the privilege of playing the last World Cup with the National Team and now I participate again in an official competition. This means that I am on the right track and that the coaches appreciate what I am doing in my club. We must continue like this because one of my main professional goals is to play another World Cup.

Have you already spoken with Dorival Junior? What will he ask you differently regarding Juventus?

Dorival is very good people, he talks a lot with the players and does an excellent group management. He knows what he wants from each one and what each player can do for the best for the team. We are all very satisfied with him. It’s just the beginning of this work and we all have to strive to help him and the entire technical staff adapt as soon as possible.

Despite being only 27 years old, you are one of the veterans of the National Team, one of the most experienced men. How do you evaluate the generational change underway?

The Brazilian National Team is going through an important transition. There has been a change in the technical staff and few players who played in the last World Cup have remained. What I have to do is try to help those who are arriving and pass on a bit of my professional experience. It is still too early to make an evaluation of the work because Dorival and his technical staff have just started the project. But I believe we are on the right track.

You face great teams in the Copa America, but in your team you have Vinicius and Rodrygo, who have just won the Champions League, how is it to train with this class of attackers who sow panic? How do you stop them?

Vini Jr has had an incredible season and has all the possibilities to win the Ballon d’Or. Rodrygo is a spectacular, complete player. We have the fortune and privilege of being able to count on two great players and we must make sure that both and all the others can perform in the best possible way so that the team can play together. We hope that everything goes well and we can have a positive Copa America.

Is Vini the big favorite for the Ballon d’Or?

There are great players who play for the award, like Bellingham, but I think Vini is one of the favorites and deserves this recognition.

Many people say that for Brazil the most important thing is the World Cup, but after 2019 there is a strong drought of titles. What do you expect from Brazil in the Copa America?

The World Cup is the World Cup. Nothing like it. But all titles are important and the Copa America is one of the most traditional tournaments in the world. Moreover, the American teams are very strong and the level of the tournament has increased greatly. It will be a very tough competition and we will do our best to win it.

Against which team or player are you most looking forward to playing?

In all competitions it plays, Brazil always fights for the title. It is our goal. But there are other very strong teams with the same objectives. Today football is very balanced and all matches are complicated. I don’t like to choose opponents. Everyone has something special.

Endrick said at the press conference that no player is a main actor in this Copa America. How are the spirits in the locker room?

This is the idea. Football is a collective sport and everyone is important. Of course, we have one or another with great individual qualities, but the secret of success is to make the team work in a uniform, balanced and collective way. If at the collective level it goes well, individual quality will appear sooner or later.

Bremer’s name will be one of the most talked about for the summer. There is talk of teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Newcastle… Are you staying at Juventus?

I am very focused on the Copa America and I leave the issue to my agents. Of course, I have read some things and I am happy to know which clubs with so much history could be following me, but the truth is that I will talk about it with my agents after the Copa America.

How do you see Bremer in the future? What are your goals?

I have many goals. I want to play one or two more World Cups and I want to continue fighting for important titles in Europe.


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