Buffon: ‘Vialli used to tease me about the Champions League’


Gigi Buffon commemorated the passing of Gianluca Vialli and revealed the former Samp and Juve striker teased him about the Champions League. The veteran keeper and new Azzurri representative was speaking about the one year anniversary of Vialli’s passing and shared an anecdote about the former Sampdoria captain:

“Vialli used to tease me about the Champions League. But he had once told me, before a lost final: ‘This time I’m feeling it, you win it and we’ll take the photo with the passing of the Cup from captain to captain’.

“Before, looking at the photos of Samp from the Scudetto, I realised one thing: it’s nice to win when the journey becomes beautiful and there are special people with you. This Samp won because there was something special. I felt a little envy for not having experienced certain emotions, the ones they experienced.”

“I have lived well with the Champions League obsession, in fact it has been a stimulus to make me start a season every year and to make me always look for new reasons to improve. I also asked myself a question, if I had won it when I was young, or too early, maybe I wouldn’t have had the career I have had.”


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