Calvo: ‘We will present our appeal to CONI next week’


Juventus CFO Francesco Calvo has confirmed that the club will submit their appeal to CONI next week and that Paul Pogba should be back on the pitch very soon. The Bianconeri director spoke with Sky Sport Italia before Juve’s 3-0 win over Nantes in the Europa League and confirmed that the club has prepared their appeal to the College of Guarantee following the 15-point penalty that was handed out earlier this season and provided a brief update on Pogba’s condition:

“The Nantes game is definitely an important game, and being a knockout game, it has to be approached like a final. But I make two considerations: that the season is built match by match, win by win, so our season is still long. The second consideration is that we at Juventus are always determined to win, so it’s an important game but one that we know how to face.”

“Pogba? He is training regularly, he played a practice match on Tuesday, he trained yesterday in the final training session, so he is now in the group, he is training, he is recovering his condition and we hope to have him back as soon as possible.”

“The CONI appeal? The deadline is next week, so we will present it in the first days of next week, within the deadline.”

“Clearly, especially at the beginning it (points penalty) had an impact, it messed us up for a moment, it confused us, but now the team is absolutely focused on the field, on the results, they’re proving it, so we have the double track but the club is trying to manage things off the field and the team is focused on what it has to do on the field. So we manage to split things up and manage them”.


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