Cannavaro: ‘We saw Italy as a group that can build on things’


Former Azzurri defender Fabio Cannavaro says the Italy team he saw against Ukraine looked like a group that can be built on. Speaking with Sky Sport, the former centre-back offered his thoughts on the Italy performance, his former team Napoli and why Inter look like favourites for the Serie A title:

“Italy? In the first half against Ukraine, it could have ended 2-0 to us, but in the end there were tough moments. They suffered with great heart: we saw a group, on which great things can be built. Was it a penalty to Ukraine? A penalty is when the referee whistles.”

“Napoli? The next games will not be easy. Beyond the coach, the players will also have to bring out their pride as champions to lift the situation.

“The Derby D’Italia? I like Inter a lot, they are very well equipped and aware. Marcus Thuram? He called me an old man and when I see him I give him a good kick… I joke a lot with him, he is very strong, he has a lot of room for improvement, but in Italy you have to score goals.”


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