Capello: ‘I don’t think Inter will win the title again, Milan and Juve the favourites’


Legendary former Milan coach Fabio Capello shared his insights on the upcoming Serie A season during an interview with Radio Kiss Kiss, focusing on the potential Scudetto contenders. According to Capello, while Inter may struggle to replicate their recent success, Milan and Juventus are poised to be the standout teams in the race for the title:

“The upcoming season promises to be a thrilling championship. I don’t think Inter can repeat their performance; I see AC Milan and Juventus as the main protagonists,” Capello remarked. He expressed confidence in the strengths of Milan and Juventus, highlighting their potential to dominate the league.

When asked about Napoli’s prospects, Capello pointed to their new coach, Antonio Conte, emphasizing his international experience and suitability for the role. “Conte has the international experience and is the right coach at the right time. He has already proven to be a winner and is favored because he can focus solely on the league,” Capello noted. He underscored the importance of having a strong squad as the foundation for achieving success.



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