Ceferin Changes UEFA Statute but Doesn’t Seek Re-election: “It Will Be My Last Term; I Won’t Run in 2027”


Aleksander Ceferin, the head of the European football federation, elected in September 2016, could have remained at the helm of UEFA until at least 2031 but has decided not to seek re-election.

It’s official now: UEFA is changing its statute, but Aleksander Ceferin will not run for a third term as president. During the ongoing UEFA Congress in Paris, the changes to the statute were voted with 50 federations in favor, with only one vote against (that of Football Association CEO Mark Bullingham) and one abstention, namely Ukraine.

The English Football Association, along with those of Iceland and Norway, had previously expressed opposition to UEFA’s request to vote collectively on all statutory changes, which covered a range of different modifications on various topics.

The amendment regarding terms of office would have allowed Ceferin to run again in 2027 and potentially remain in office as UEFA president until at least 2031, after being elected in September 2016. According to the new interpretation of an article, the twelve-year limit would apply only to those who run after the rule comes into force, not to those elected before, like Ceferin.

However, UEFA President Ceferin himself explained at a press conference:

“About six months ago, I decided not to run again in 2027.” “I didn’t say it because I didn’t want to influence the Congress,” he continued. “I have a good life in football but also outside of it. I’m tired of Covid, of this senseless Super League project, of those who claim moral authority. Anyway, I can say I’m happy and proud to be the captain of a ship that has weathered the storm well and will continue to do so in the next three years, to lead a football community never so united.”

“Most people are not like some clowns. I decided about six months ago that I will not run in 2027. I have been away from my family for about six years and will be for another three. I communicated this decision first to my family and then to friends and colleagues,” Ceferin concluded.


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