Ceferin: ‘Super League a silly competition: You cannot buy football’


UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin once again took aim at the proposed European Super League, branding it a ‘silly competition’. A ruling from the European Court of Justice at the end of last year stated that UEFA/FIFA acted against competition law by blocking the formation of the Super League in 2021. Speaking with The Telegraph, Ceferin touched on the potential formation of a new European competition to rival the Champions League, saying that the ruling was misleading:

“Fans showed so much respect to the game that we would never do that to them.

“The press release was misleading, there’s nowhere in the decision of the court that we abused our monopoly. That’s one thing that’s very important and we complained to the court because of that but you can’t change the first effect.”

“What is most important for me is that all the football community rejected this. No court could force the football world to play this silly competition. No-one.

“I still insist that this would never happen because it would ruin football. And we will not allow it – nobody will allow it from football. You cannot buy football.”

“It’s an insult for football to even speak too much about it. For me, this story is over. And for the football community, it’s over.”


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