Chiellini: ‘Allegri did the best he could with Juventus, even Guardiola couldn’t have done better’


Former Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini defended Massimiliano Allegri’s tenure at the club: ‘Even Guardiola couldn’t have done better’. The Bianconeri struggled to finish in the top four after a dismal run of form saw them muster just one win in nine matches at one point in the season. Speaking with Sky Sport Italia, Chiellini spoke about his former side and his hopes for the ITalian national team at the EURO’s this summmer:

On the Italian National Team

Chiellini began by discussing Italy’s prospects for the upcoming Euro 2024, expressing optimism and support for coach Luciano Spalletti. “It’s a young team,” he noted. “We’re in the middle of a changing cycle, which is evident from the average age of the players called up and the starting eleven, especially after Acerbi’s injury. But we have Spalletti, who I believe has reached a phase in his career where he’s shown he’s at the top. He has something special, a love for the national team that has been there from day one. The hope is that he can create something extraordinary in this month they’ll spend together daily. I’m curious and excited to watch them, and I’ll be cheering for them like all of Italy.”

He highlighted several players, saying, “New players are emerging. Bastoni has experience from years in the Champions League and the national team, even if not as a protagonist. Playing in the Euros served as a starting point for him to take several steps forward, and he’s certainly an important defender. Barella is at an international level, Jorginho has reintegrated well, and we have the best goalkeeper in the world. We’re fortunate to transition from Zoff to Buffon to Donnarumma, who I believe will be an important figure for the national team. We shouldn’t burden him with undue responsibility, but he’s a great asset to this team.”

Favorites for the Euros

Regarding the favorites for Euro 2024, Chiellini opined, “I think England, France, and Portugal, not necessarily in that order, are clearly the best. Germany has the advantage of playing at home, and Spain remains a significant team, even though they no longer have the same players from a few years ago. These are the main favorites. I like to place Italy a step below them, and it doesn’t bother me to see them there, because I know that from the knockout stages onward, they’re a team no one wants to face.”

Message to Bonucci

Chiellini also sent a message to his long-time teammate Leonardo Bonucci. “I’ve already sent him a message. I’ve been in touch with him frequently lately. He was the last one to give up, and now we’ve all stopped. You can imagine a drawing with Bonucci as the coach and Barzagli as the assistant, but it won’t happen.”

Future Plans

Looking to his own future, Chiellini shared, “I’ll return after the summer, but for my family. We’ve decided to come back to Italy after two wonderful years abroad. Honestly, I’m not making any specific plans. I’ve started working a bit with the club I finished with (Los Angeles FC). I like it, and I’m finding it very enjoyable. I’m doing a sort of internship where I’m learning all the managerial and corporate aspects that I haven’t experienced before. We’ll see gradually what happens.”

Conte and Napoli

Commenting on Antonio Conte potentially joining Napoli, Chiellini said, “Good, I think it would be great. He has players to play good football and will surely need to make some changes. I don’t know how he intends to play, but he will certainly inspire Napoli’s fans. It’s an exciting combination with the whole Napoli environment.”

Thiago Motta

Chiellini had high praise for Thiago Motta, saying, “As a player, he was already a coach on the field. It was evident he would become a coach. This year, he has done something extraordinary. He has everything to do well at Juventus or any other team. If Juventus embraces him and his approach, they can truly enjoy it. I hope he will do well in black and white, but I’m confident.”

Juventus This Year

Reflecting on Juventus’ performance this season, Chiellini was clear: “I think they’ve done the best they could. We can discuss the quality of the play, but I believe no coach in the world, not even Guardiola, could have done better in the last two years at Juventus.”


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