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Daniele De Rossi Critiques Roma’s Performance in Hard-fought Win Over Salernitana and Praises Pellegrini’s Leadership


Roma head coach, Daniele De Rossi, offered a candid assessment of his team’s performance in their 1-2 victory over Salernitana at the Stadio Arechi. Speaking to DAZN after the match, De Rossi acknowledged the challenging and gruelling tempo of the game, expressing concerns about certain aspects of Roma’s play.

De Rossi highlighted a recurring issue he observed, emphasizing the need for a more dynamic and decisive approach. “I said the same thing to the guys that I said after Verona. If we do this slow ball possession and we never shoot on goal, we will lose many games,” said De Rossi. He stressed the importance of understanding pivotal moments in the game and improving decision-making in those instances.

“In football, duels must be won. That’s how you win games. Then it gets too philosophical. If the boys don’t win the duels, it’s my fault because I have to put them in a position to do so. When I manage to make it clear that you have to recognize the moments of the game, then they will make the difference in possession,” added De Rossi.

De Rossi also commented on the performance of striker Romelu Lukaku, acknowledging his efforts in the first half to provide depth despite facing a tough defensive setup. “Lukaku? In the first half, he was the only one to give us depth. We didn’t serve him enough. They played with 3 centrebacks, and he had no space, but I like the spirit he showed.”

However, amidst the critique, De Rossi took a moment to commend midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini for his exceptional contributions. Pellegrini scored his second consecutive goal for Roma in two games, showcasing his leadership qualities on the field.

“I don’t like talking about individuals, many players tonight gave their all. But on Pellegrini, I will say this – I couldn’t think of a better captain; he’s struck me with his maturity,” praised De Rossi. He went on to highlight Pellegrini’s professionalism, engagement with teammates, and willingness to assist, portraying him as the ideal captain for the team.

Reflecting on the broader team dynamics, De Rossi expressed satisfaction with the collective mentality of the squad. “I’ve been away from Roma, and I didn’t ask for anything. I’ve heard many things over the years, and now I have come across a group of smart, serious men attached to this shirt. Pellegrini is the worthy captain of this group,” concluded De Rossi.


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