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De Laurentiis: ‘We need Thatcher laws in Italy’


Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis launched another attack on the clubs hardcore fans, saying Italy needs to implement the same kinds of laws that Margaret Thatcher used in the 80’s to tackle football hooliganism. There were angry clashes between supporters during the Partenopei’s 4-0 defeat to Milan at the weekend, and speaking at the ‘Stadium of the Future’ event today (as quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport), De Laurentiis launched another attack on the ultra culture in Italy, commending their behaviour in recent decades:

“It’s a story that has lasted for 50 years, until you take Thatcher’s law and borrow it and put it in Italy we will always have these problems. Because those are not real fans, they are delinquents who are allowed to go to the stadium and mortify those who really support the team with incidents that are in front of everyone’s eyes. My fears for the Scudetto celebration? I hope not, also because it will take place at the stadium and there can be no disturbances there. We are lucky to have a Mr. Quaestor and a Mr. Prefect, we will use all possible precautions.”

“You journalists talk so much about the Scudetto celebration… The Neapolitans are celebrating all over the city, I’m worried because I’m very superstitious… Although the setback with the Rossoneri doesn’t seem serious to me, not even in terms of the Champions League, in football you win, lose and draw, then the accounts are made at the end. The Spalletti-Maldini rift? There can be these incidents, resentment is part of sport, Luciano is a man of great character but also of great education.”

“Champions League tickets? When we play AC Milan they will cash in over €10 million, we will come to maybe €5 million. Milan charges €800 for the most expensive ticket, we max out at €340 for the Posillipo and €500 for the authority stand. If you buy a Mercedes or Fiat in Naples, does it cost less than in Milan? I don’t think so. If you buy a newspaper and cigarettes, do you pay less for them because you are in Naples? I don’t think so. There is this typical tendency of Italians to feel sorry for themselves, we should put it aside. I have always considered Italy as a plus and Naples as a super-plus.”


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