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De Rossi: ‘We can’t just defend against Milan’


As Roma prepare for the decisive second leg of the Europa League quarter-final against Milan, coach Daniele De Rossi and midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini shared their thoughts on the upcoming clash, highlighting the significance of the encounter and the team’s determination to progress. The Giallorossi were shaken by events during their match against Udinese earlier this week, when defender Evan Ndicka was stretchered off the pitch after collapsing. Speaking ahead of the match with Milan, De Rossi offered an update on his player:

“He’s doing well, which is the most important thing,” De Rossi reassured. Reflecting on the incident, he emphasized the unity within the team during challenging times, highlighting the players’ decision to prioritize health and well-being over continuing the match.

Regarding the rescheduling of the postponed fixture against Udinese, De Rossi expressed confidence that a suitable solution would be found, acknowledging the logistical challenges but emphasizing the importance of protecting the integrity of the competition.

Analyzing the upcoming clash with Milan, De Rossi acknowledged the quality of their opponents and the significance of the match for both teams. “Milan is second in the league, and they consistently perform well,” De Rossi remarked. “They will approach this game as a pivotal moment in their season, knowing they must win. It’s crucial for us to maintain focus and not underestimate them.”

Discussing tactical considerations, De Rossi emphasized the need for Roma to maintain an attacking mindset while remaining wary of Milan’s threat. “We cannot afford to solely focus on defending against a team of Milan’s quality,” he asserted. “We must be proactive and look to score, while also remaining disciplined defensively.”

De Rossi also addressed the touching story of a Roma fan battling terminal illness, who expressed his wish for the team to lift a trophy. “We are aware of Edoardo’s story, and we are trying to reach out to him,” De Rossi stated. “We are committed to giving our all on the pitch, knowing that it means a lot to him and to all our supporters.”

Regarding team selection, De Rossi confirmed that Bove would replace the absent Cristante, expressing confidence in the youngster’s abilities. “Bove will step in, and we have full faith in him,” De Rossi affirmed. “His absence will be felt, but we trust Bove to deliver.”

In conclusion, De Rossi reflected on the significance of the Europa League journey for Roma and expressed his desire to prolong their European campaign. “This is my first European competition as a coach, and I don’t want it to end,” he admitted. “Regardless of how long this journey lasts, we must cherish every moment and strive for success.”

Pellegrini also addressed the media, reaffirming his commitment to Roma and expressing his pride at wearing the captain’s armband. “Playing for Roma is an honor, and I will always give my all for the club,” Pellegrini declared. “We aim to replicate our performance from Milan and secure passage to the next round.”


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