De Siervo: “If stadiums are not upgraded by 2026, we risk losing Euro 2032”


CEO of Serie A Luigi De Siervo addressed the critical issue of stadium readiness for Euro 2032, saying that Italy’s stadiums will need upgrading. Italy, alongside Turkey, are set to co-host the tournament, but speaking at the Serie A festival in Parma, De Siervo emphasized the urgency of upgrading stadiums to meet UEFA standards. Here are his key statements:

Stadiums for Euro 2032

“If our stadiums are not upgraded by October 2026, we risk losing the part of Euro 2032 that has been assigned to us. The challenge of updating our stadiums is crucial, and we cannot afford to fail. This is our last chance: by October 2026, UEFA will inspect our facilities. If they are not up to standard, we will lose our allocation for Euro 2032.”

Taking Responsibility

“At this moment, we do not want to assign blame, but we must demonstrate that we are a unified system. We need to find financial resources and take on the responsibilities that are ours. Infrastructures should not be built solely for major events but should always be constructed methodically.”

Issues in Serie B

“Many Serie B teams do not invest in their stadiums, perhaps out of superstition, which creates problems when they are promoted to Serie A. They have to play their first matches in other facilities while upgrading their own to meet infrastructural standards.”


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