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De Zerbi: ‘I Have Great Respect For De Rossi’


Brighton manager Roberto De Zerbi says he has great respect for new Roma coach Daniele De Rossi ahead of their Europa League clash. The two sides will meet in the last 16 of the competition, and speaking in a recent press conference, De Zerbi addressed the draw and the prospect of facing the Giallorossi:

 “De Rossi is a friend of mine. Our daughters share a great friendship, and I hold immense respect for him,” De Zerbi conveyed to reporters, his words tinged with a sense of camaraderie.

The Brighton manager’s belief in De Rossi’s coaching acumen predates his tenure at Roma. “I already knew before he worked at Roma that he could be a great coach because as a player, he exhibited incredible character,” De Zerbi remarked. With De Rossi’s familial background steeped in coaching, De Zerbi recognized a shared passion for the game that binds them together.

“Like me, he lives and breathes football. He possesses a big heart and an unwavering passion for the sport,” De Zerbi continued, emphasizing the depth of their friendship. Yet, amidst the bonds of camaraderie, De Zerbi remains resolute in his competitive spirit. “But I hope to win,” he affirmed, acknowledging the inevitable intensity of the upcoming encounter.

Undoubtedly, the match against Roma presents a formidable challenge for Brighton. However, De Zerbi approaches the fixture with a pragmatic mindset. “Against Roma, it will definitely be a difficult match, but if we want to move forward, we have to beat Roma or any other team,” he asserted, underscoring the team’s determination to progress in the tournament.


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