Di Gregorio

Di Gregorio agent: ‘We kept our word to Juventus, despite Liverpool interest’


In an exclusive interview with Tuttosport, Carlo Alberto Belloni, the agent of Michele Di Gregorio, has shed light on the goalkeeper’s recent move to Juventus from Monza. The interview provides intriguing insights into the transfer process and the player’s mindset.

Belloni described Di Gregorio’s first visit to Continassa, Juventus’ training ground, saying, “On Friday, when Michele first entered Continassa, he was as happy as a child in a playground: he had a 32-tooth smile on his face. I’ve rarely seen him so radiant; he usually tends to hide his emotions.”

The agent emphasized the significance of the move, stating, “Arriving at Juventus is a great achievement that Di Gregorio has earned after a long apprenticeship. No one has ever given him anything; he has climbed all the categories with his saves.”

Regarding Juventus’ sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli’s role in the transfer, Belloni revealed, “The director wanted him strongly. He told him several times that he saw Angelo Peruzzi in him.” He added an interesting anecdote: “While we were negotiating the move to Juve, Giuntoli repeatedly told DiGre that winning teams are built from strong goalkeepers, and for his team, he wanted to have the best in Serie A: Di Gregorio, in fact.”

The agent also disclosed that Liverpool had shown strong interest in Di Gregorio. However, he clarified, “It wasn’t a ‘no’ to Liverpool, but rather keeping our word given to Juve. We had shaken hands with Giuntoli a few months ago, and we wanted to respect the agreement made.”

Discussing Di Gregorio’s strengths, Belloni highlighted, “Mentality and consistency of performance. What has always struck me about him is that he has never rested on his laurels at any stage of his career. Each time he finds a higher limit to overcome.”

Regarding the national team, Belloni expressed hope for Di Gregorio’s future inclusion: “That’s the next challenge to win. Often there has been a Juve-National team combination for goalkeepers: we hope it can continue with Michele.”


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