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Eusebio Di Francesco’s Press Conference Ahead of Frosinone vs. Milan: Injuries, Tactics, and Facing the Giants


As Frosinone prepare for their clash with AC Milan, coach Eusebio Di Francesco addressed the media and gave updates on his squad. A win over Cagliari and a solid draw against Verona has seen Frosinone begin to find stability once again, something Di Francesco addressed in his pre-match presser:

Which injured players do you expect to recover for the match?

“Among the recent injuries, Lirola is among the called-up players because he trained yesterday and today, Monterisi is in good shape. Oyono, Bonifazi, Lusuardi, Cuni, Marchizza, Kalaj, Zortea, Baez won’t be available. You will see the called-up players. We brought in Valeri, and he will give us a big hand even though he hasn’t played for seven months. For me, he is available. This doesn’t mean he can start, but he can play during the match.”

Beyond injuries, are you thinking about tactical adjustments against Milan?

“I believe I am making choices based on the characteristics of the players I have available, also considering the opponents. They have great legs, especially on the left. The choices are forced, but we are also attentive to the opponents we face.”

What is missing to pull off an upset against a top team?

“I don’t want to rely on a bit of luck; we must be more determined. We are working a lot on continuity in staying in the game. We need to stay in the match for more minutes; we lack a bit, and we are working on this.”

Have you reviewed the first-leg match against Milan?

“We look at something from the first leg when it’s close; when it’s distant, not much. Theo Hernandez played centrally in the first leg and had a great game. If we compare the two teams, there wouldn’t be a way to compete, but we have to raise our qualities and give it a go. Several players have changed. We analyze the matches a lot with the tactical board camera, from above, to observe all movements.”

What are Zortea and Bonifazi’s conditions? Your opinion on other teams’ transfer dealings?

“I haven’t looked much at other teams; I will do it after this match. I don’t give much importance to this; I prefer to focus on my team. Zortea had a hamstring strain; he will return after Fiorentina, I hope, while Bonifazi has knee pain. I hope to have him back with Roma. That said, when players stop, they also need to regain physical condition. It’s a shame, but we try to work with what we have.”

Is Milan in crisis?

“I don’t think they are in difficulty; they drew with Bologna in the last game, but they had problems and absences. They are still in Europe. I thank Pioli for the compliments, and I appreciate it because he always comes out great in difficulties. I don’t think they are in crisis; in Udine, for half an hour, they dominated.”

What is the safety points target?

“38 points. There have been years when it was lower, but today I have to think about having to replicate the same points as the first half of the season, and we are working in this situation.”

Your opinion on Seck’s performance at Verona?

“He is indeed a different player from the others we have. I hope he can immediately help us with his technique and speed. It is essential to start understanding the characteristics of teammates to make them express themselves better, and he is working on that because it is what he lacks the most. This week he immediately made himself available, asking many questions because he is curious. Ghedjemis won’t be there either, a pity because he could have been an extra weapon against Milan.”

What did you say to the players in preparation for the match?

“On a motivational level, every game is the same as the others because, for me, you always have to try to win, even if sometimes a draw is the right thing. Motivations are sometimes intrinsic to the game and need to be sought, remaining in the game and not conceding goals in the end, as happened to us.”

The Verona case – players possibly leaving. Will they be available again?

“The director will take care of it with a press conference. Neither he, nor Baez, nor Bidaoui will be called up because they were about to leave.”


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