Evan Ndicka reflects on health scare: “I was more scared than in pain”


In a post-match interview following Roma’s draw against Juventus,  Roma defender Evan Ndicka opened up about his recent health scare on the pitch. The Ivorian international experienced a fainting spell during a match against Udinese on April 25. Reflecting on the moment in an interview with DAZN Ndicka admitted:

“I was more scared than in pain,” but reassured, “I was fine in the hospital in Udine. Even Udinese fans behaved well. They were worried about me… it means a lot,” Ndicka stated. Despite the ordeal, Ndicka played the full 90 minutes in the drawn match against Massimiliano Allegri’s Juventus.

Ndicka’s health incident during the Udinese match prompted immediate concern, with former Roma player Daniele De Rossi stating shortly after, “He is well, and that’s the most important thing.” De Rossi also remarked on the outpouring of support, noting, “We received compliments for something normal. We did what seemed automatic to us.”


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