Fagioli: ‘Juventus weren’t happy but they stood by me’


Juventus midfielder Nicolò Fagioli talked about his battle with gambling addiction, saying the Bianconeri were unhappy with his actions but stood by him regardless. The 23-year-old was speaking at the Majorana Technical Institute in Grugliasco (as quoted by ilbianconero) and provided a candid insight into his journey of remorse, redemption, and resilience in front of 300 students from schools across Turin:

“I regret what I did. Juventus stood by me closely. Everyone: the club, the coach, and my teammates. How did they take it? Well, obviously they weren’t happy. But they supported me through my journey. The club knows I’ve acknowledged my mistake. We all make mistakes; the key is to learn and move forward.”

“I earn well and I’ve bet a lot. But someone who earns €1,200 a month and bets €1,000 has the same addiction as me.”

The words of Dr. Luciana Monte from the Department of Addiction Pathology: “Nicolò fell ill with a disease, underwent a health program, and is now in remission. These encounters are very beneficial for young people. Fagioli conveyed closeness, humanity, and humility.”


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