Galeone: ‘It would be unfair if Allegri left Juventus this summer’


Max Allegri’s mentor Giovanni Galeone believes it would be unfair for Juventus to get rid of him this summer. Rumours in the Italian media continue to suggest that Juventus have already lined up Bologna coach Thiago Motta to replace Allegri. Speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Galeone explained why he thinks the Bianconeri coach should remain with the club, despite fans being unhappy with the Old Lady’s recent performances:

“I had promised myself not to watch Juventus anymore after the defeat against Napoli and all those missed goals. But in recent days, Max called me. And since I care about him, on Saturday, I watched the game against Milan, blowing on the television screen to try to push the ball into the net… But without determination on the field, you can’t score.”

Now it’s May: what idea have you formed about Allegri’s future at Juventus?

“The other day, I heard Max was calm. And I would be too in his place: he is achieving the objectives given to him by the club, and he has a contract until 2024-25.”

Do you think Allegri, in case of triumph in the Coppa Italia, could decide to bid farewell to Juventus as a winner and in advance?

“But why should he? He is meeting the objectives, and he has a contract until 2025. I don’t sense him tired of Juventus. If they were to send him home, I would be upset, and I think he would too. And it would be unfair if he wins the Cup and qualifies for the Champions League. But…”.


“I don’t know how it will go, but this time I don’t imagine him taking a year off. When you’re a coach with Max’s track record, finding a team isn’t a problem. In Arabia, they continue to court him, but he doesn’t want to go there, and he’s right. Maybe De Laurentiis will call him back, as has happened in the past. My advice? Juventus or England.”

In case of a separation between Juventus and Allegri, who would risk the most?

“When Juventus dismissed Max in 2019, he was upset, but then the club changed two coaches in two years… The Juventus bench is not for everyone. Max has shown he is a Juventus coach. In that case, it wouldn’t be easy for the successor. Thiago Motta, just to mention the most talked-about name, is very good. But Juventus is a world apart.”

What grade would you give to Juventus’s season?

“With the return to Champions League, getting closer, and the Coppa Italia final, it’s been a more than sufficient year: 8.5 for the first part, 4 for the second. Inter are clearly stronger. But there should be 8-10 points between Inter and Juventus, not 24.”

Are you still convinced that Juventus needs at least 4 signings to try to challenge Inter for the next Scudetto?

“To get closer, not to win… I think of a defender like Pavlovic. A playmaker in place of Locatelli, who has different characteristics: I would take Modric for free, even at 38-39, he would make a difference. Koopmeiners would bring goals. And up front, I would see Zirkzee or Scamacca fitting well, but Atalanta doesn’t sell.”


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