Gasperini: “This is our third Coppa final in five years; we’re persistent”


Gian Piero Gasperini believes Atlanta are ‘persistent’ in reaching the Coppa Italia final: “I’ve always believed that the Coppa was the only feasible trophy for a club like ours.” La Dea take on Juventus on Wednesday evening at the Stadio Olimpico, and speaking pre-game, Gasperini offered some updates on his squads fitness and what to expect from the match:

“I’ve always believed that the Coppa Italia was the only feasible trophy for a club like ours. This is our third final in five years; we’re persistent, and we’ll give it our all. It was hard to even think about a Europa League final; these boys have been extraordinary, and now we’re just one step away. The match against Liverpool was a turning point in Europe; we play every competition to the fullest. Playing so much also brings positive things; since February, we’ve played every three days, and these boys have been exceptional from game to game.”

Commenting on Guardiola’s words praising Atalanta’s capabilities, Gasperini expressed gratitude: “Guardiola’s words? He’s a friend; I thank him. The matches we’ve faced this season, especially in international competitions, have given us confidence, and tomorrow we’ll face one of the best. Is this the strongest Atalanta? We’ll see. It’s young, it has grown a lot by changing.”

He concluded by saying: “Five finals? For me, it’s just a source of pride. We’ve made a lot of changes over time, but it’s always been a team with strong motivation and identity. This group has fast-tracked its progress; we always have to aim high and improve even more. Perhaps that’s the secret that keeps us consistently in the top ranks.”

Adding to Gasperini’s sentiments, Gianluca Scamacca, who will miss the final due to suspension, emphasized the significance of the match: “Our turning point? We’ve always known we have great potential, and game after game, as we’ve grown, we’ve shown our best. Absent tomorrow? I’m very sorry; it would have been my first final. I’ll be close to my teammates; the group comes first.”

In conclusion, he added: “Spalletti’s words encourage me even more. My goal is to write Atalanta’s history.”


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