Gasperini: “We Have Too Many Matches Close Together”


Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini believes they are playing too many intense games in a short space of time. La Dea face off against Portuguese side Sporting CP in the UEFA Europa League tomorrow evening, the two teams, having previously crossed paths in the group stage last season. Speaking to Sky Sport Italia ahead of the match, Gasperini shared his thoughts on the match and what he expects from the opposition:

“Since October, many months and many matches have passed. Sporting was already a very strong team, and now they have further solidified. They are performing very well both in the league and in Europe. We have also had a good journey in these months. Surely, these are two different teams, but equally balanced.”

However, Gasperini expressed concern over the congested fixture list, stating, “We achieved a good result against Milan, lost to Inter, which can happen, and lost to Bologna. It’s disappointing; we didn’t want to lose. There is regret because we wanted a different outcome. But now, we move forward. The problem is that we are playing matches of this level too closely together, and we will have more. Four big matches in eleven days, this is a situation we would have preferred not to encounter. This match against Inter was scheduled after two normal months and amidst important games. Tomorrow we play a match with almost no preparation.”

He further added, “Undoubtedly, it’s different to play such intense matches in such a short span of time. Those involved in cup competitions are more accustomed to it. Then there are reschedules, which are designed to allow teams in Europe a bit more recovery time. But this hasn’t happened for us, and it’s definitely a fault.”

Gasperini then turned his attention to Scamacca, discussing the evolving role of attackers in modern football: “Modern football is moving towards globalization. Goalkeepers and defenders participate more. Things are constantly evolving; we see central defenders moving into midfield, wingers playing centrally. Attackers must be more dynamic. But then there are characteristics; one cannot expect someone like Scamacca to cover the kilometers of Ederson and de Roon. However, it’s essential to expand one’s range of action. Scamacca is trying. Psychologically, I would like him to relieve some pressure. There is always high expectation on him; I would like him to embrace normalcy more and be less disappointed after a mistake. If he manages to experience more joy and less pressure, he can perform better.”

Finally, in the press conference, Gasperini addressed the goalkeeper situation: “Tomorrow Musso will play, but he would have played anyway. He was removed from the starting lineup because at one point, I made a choice for Carnesecchi, also because there seemed to be an opportunity for Musso to leave in January. But Musso has always been very positive; he deserves his spotlight too.”


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