Gazzetta: Milan have already reached an agreement with Lopetegui


La Gazzetta dello Sport claim that Milan are in advanced talks with Julen Lopetegui and have already prepared a contract for the Spanish coach. The newspaper report that Milan have long been working on succession planning, with Lopetegui being the chosen candidate. Negotiations are ongoing, with frequent contacts indicating progress, especially in terms of a potential agreement.

The newspaper write that while Milan are still taking their time, the next two weeks are expected to be crucial, potentially decisive. The departure from Stefano Pioli will be handled with the utmost respect, considering his achievements, including winning a Serie A title and guiding the team from dark times to the Champions League semi-finals. An official announcement is likely to be made at the end of the season, but Milan are already planning for the future, including the transfer market, with the coach of tomorrow in mind.

Lopetegui is reportedly ready to sign a three-year deal worth close to €4 million net per season, a figure comparable to Pioli’s post-title renewal. Meetings are anticipated soon to determine if a total agreement can be swiftly reached. Meanwhile, Milan fans have expressed discontent with the news, with many advocating for Antonio Conte, a favorite among supporters. However, the preference for Lopetegui has solidified over time and could only change with a significant reconsideration. In that case, alternatives like Roberto De Zerbi or reconsidering Paulo Fonseca might come into play.

Giorgio Furlani, Milan’s CEO, addressed the situation on TV, expressing the club’s irritation and reassuring fans:

“The season hasn’t gone as we hoped because we are Milan and we want to win. The rumors about changing the coach are annoying: too many names have been thrown around. Pioli deserves respect as our coach. We are focused on our work and planning the future, including the transfer market.” Regarding the fans: “I always say they are the best in the world. If they are dissatisfied, it’s because they are ambitious, and we must do better.”

Furlani, along with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Geoffrey Moncada, will be instrumental in making decisions about the transfer market and the coach. “Zlatan is intelligent, curious,” said Furlani. “The relevant opinions today are those of Moncada, Ibrahimovic, and mine, then the final decisions lie with ownership.” Lopetegui has impressed all three with his past achievements and personal demeanor. The final decision is yet to be made, but Milan has outlined a future with Lopetegui. More interesting than the contract figure is its duration, indicating a commitment to a long-term project.


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