Gilardino: “I would be happy to remain at Genoa”


Genoa coach Alberto Gilardino says he would like to continue at the club for the forseable future: “It’s necessary for my professional path.” Gilardino was speaking at the National Prize Telenord and shared some insights on his season with the Grifone and his plans for the foreseeable future:

“Meeting Buffon and Marcello Lippi? These are moments that are rare when you work; it’s hard to find everyone together, like today with Gigi and Marcello. I had the chance to meet Gianni personally; in 2014/15, he was a consultant at Genoa and was the linchpin of that season’s salvation. It’s an honor to receive this award.” He then reflected on his journey as a coach: “I’m happy to continue at Genoa because it’s necessary for my professional path, and Genoa is an important city. My wife knows that I struggle to stay at home; I like being on the field. After my last months in La Spezia, I wanted to see if this was my path, so I threw myself into Serie D first, then in Lega Pro in Vercelli and Siena. I coach in a city with immense pressure and passion. I try to maintain this kind of profile and transmit it to the team. Genoa must have the passion, the willingness to sacrifice, and the humility of this city.”

Gilardino then shared his coaching philosophy: “There’s always room for improvement; I’m very self-critical. But we’ve done something truly important. I thank the club and those who support me every day. In retreat, we started with many players who left at the end of the transfer market, and we rebuilt, and we did it excellently. Lippi? I was fortunate to be his player; he conveyed to me and all the boys from 2006 his personality in his relationship with players. The club and I are very ambitious, but I try to keep my feet on the ground. Reaffirming what we’ve done this year would already be extraordinary, then we always seek to improve. I also rely a lot on instinct because sometimes on the bench, you have to let yourself be carried away by it. Sometimes you have to be decisive, so you do what you feel.”

Regarding comparisons with Atalanta and Bologna, Gilardino stated: “Bologna and Atalanta have achieved these milestones thanks to years of different paths; continuity is needed to transmit one’s principles to the team. A Champions League prize in my contract? Natural (laughs).” Finally, he shared thoughts on the upcoming season: “For the next season, we need to keep the players we have and try to improve. Then I know very well what the club’s policy is, and I know very well that I have to work on the valorization of young talents. This year we saw this work with Dragusin but also, for example, with Frendrup.”


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