Giuntoli: “Allegri’s Renewal? At the End of the Year, We’ll Have Time to Talk about the Future”


Juventus director Cristiano Giuntoli says there will be time to discuss a potential contract renewal for coach Max Allegri. The Bianconeri boss was speaking ahead of Juve’s 1-0 defeat to Udinese and offered an update on the squad, Allegri’s future in Turin, but began by addressing questions about Fabio Quagliarella:

 “Have I ever negotiated with Quagliarella? No, but I have great memories of him when he started at the Torino youth academy, kicking his first balls in Chieti… He was a great player,” Giuntoli remarked to Sky Sport before Juventus-Udinese.

Regarding the team’s status post the defeat against Inter: “We’ve worked like every week, very well. Results stem from different episodes; we have clear ideas about our goal and what we need to do. We must have the desire to win, which has always distinguished us. Counter Inter? We want to perform well and win every game, but we’ve never hidden from our goal, which is fourth place. Udinese would have deserved many more points because they’ve played great matches.”

On Allegri’s contract renewal: “For now, we’re delighted to work with him. He’s proven to be a great coach and continues to do so. He still has a year and a half left on his contract; at the end of the year, we’ll have time to discuss a possible future together.”

Discussing plans for the next season: “There are a few things to sort out for next season; we’ll see what our objectives will be. But for now, we need to take it one step at a time and only focus on tonight. In which department do we need to work more? If we qualify for cups, especially the most important one, we’ll probably increase the number of players and bring in quality ones. But for now, we can’t make any other plans except to focus on tonight.”


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