Gleison Bremer Talks Juventus, Competitors, and Team Dynamics


In an exclusive interview with Alessandro Matri on “DAZN,” Gleison Bremer, the central defender for Juventus and the Brazilian national team, delves into various topics:

On Facing Inter Milan: “No, I never thought I could play for Inter. I am on the right side. It will be a duel until the end with Inter. Getting results in Milan is never easy. In my opinion, winning doesn’t mean winning the league. There are still many games to play, but it’s an important step.”

On Juventus Strikers: “Our forwards? Vlahovic is a physically strong striker. When we play together in training, I give him a lot of advice. He is talented and improving a lot. Yildiz is also a good forward. In practice, we go tough on him, but he doesn’t complain and keeps playing. He has great strength in his legs and can have a great career.”

On Other Strikers: “There are forwards you can never leave alone, like Osimhen and Lukaku. They are at an international level. It’s important to unsettle the striker because then few remain focused throughout the game.”

On Defenders: “There are many strong defenders around, like Van Dijk. He is two steps above me because he won the Champions League and plays in a tough league like the Premier League. In the end, when a player retires, only the trophies won matter. If you haven’t won anything, you can’t claim to have been the best.”

On Chiellini’s Advice: “Giorgio suggested that I watch many videos and know the opponent very well. Juventus helps me a lot in this regard. I also have someone in Brazil who follows me. Giuntoli? This year, Director Giuntoli arrived and brought a lot of serenity.”


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