Igor Tudor: “Croatia are experienced, but Italy aren’t fielding children”


Former Lazio coach Igor Tudor shared his insights on the crucial Group B match between Croatia and Italy in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport. Tudor, balancing his Croatian roots with his professional perspective, talked through what he expects from the crunch tie:

“The fan in me hopes Croatia wins, but as a coach, I must say that Italy having two out of three favorable results is a significant advantage” .

Addressing Croatia’s perceived end of an era, Tudor acknowledged, “We know it can’t last forever at these levels. The people understand that this group has always given everything for their country and are ready to support them” . This sentiment reflects the strong bond between the Croatian team and its supporters, even as they face a potential transition period.

Tudor downplayed the experience factor, noting, “It will only count to a certain extent for Croatia because Italy isn’t fielding children, but players who have played in Champions League finals and won the European Championship. As often happens, the decisive factors will be individual moments in the game” . This assessment highlights the high-level experience present in both squads.

The former Lazio coach also praised Italy’s manager, Luciano Spalletti: “He’s one of the best coaches in the world and tactically brilliant at preparing for matches. I often hear people say that it takes years to express a certain type of football: that’s all nonsense! Spalletti has been leading the national team for just a few months and has already implemented a specific style of play and a winning mentality” .


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