Inter set to sign Tanner Tessmann from Venezia


Inter are set to bring in 22-year-old American midfielder Tanner Tessmann from Venezia, with talks already underway. Tessman has been with the Lagunari since 2021 and was a key player for Venezia under coach Paolo Vanoli. He played a crucial role in their promotion campaign, scoring seven goals, including a stunning strike in the playoff semifinal against Palermo.

According to Sky Sport Italia,, the negotiations between Inter and Venezia have been progressing smoothly, following a key meeting in Milan two days ago. Inter’s plan is to secure Tessmann’s transfer but allow him to remain at Venezia for the upcoming Serie A season.

This approach ensures Tessmann continues to develop with regular playing time while being prepared for his future role at Inter. Discussions between the two clubs are set to continue next week.

The deal might include some player exchanges from Inter’s roster. Names being considered are Filip Stankovic and Gaetano Oristanio, who could move to Venezia as part of the agreement.


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