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Inter v Juventus


After a run which has seen us win 7 of the last 8, producing a superb quarter of clean sheets and 1-0 victories of late, we now face an important test in the derby d’italia against our old chums Inter.

There is something lacking of the traditional menace, despite the importance of the fixture to both sets of fans and with the 3 point gap between the sides. Perhaps, it is because of Inzaghi, who it is hard to dislike as has always seemed a pleasant chap. And then there is Barella, who was such a potent part of our successful EUROs tournament, it’s hard not to like him. Mitigating factors undoubtedly, but there is also at least for me, a sense of clinging onto Juve with tunnel vision this season. Of only seeing our progress, our form, our development and desperately hoping that we can finally become once again a team to inspire pride, love, devotion and some excitement.

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Danilo – Bonucci- Chiellini – Sandro

Juan- Benta- Loca- Freddy

Chiesa – Morata