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Inzaghi: ‘Bayern is an opportunity to forget the Derby’


Inter coach Simone Inzaghi believes tonight’s match against Bayern Munich will be an opportunity to forget the Derby defeat to Milan. The Nerazzurri host one of the favourites to lift the trophy this season and Inzaghi knows how important it will be to have the support of a packed San Siro.:

There will be 55-60 thousand fans at the stadium.

It will be very important to have them at the stadium. Tomorrow they will be of great help, we know the opposition we meet, what strength they has. The group is very, very competitive, the match must be an opportunity after the disappointment suffered in the derby “.

The training choices

There is no need to talk about individuals, we all have to improve in condition. I have several training doubts. After the conference I will look at the training data this morning, we know that we have to score 10 points in this group. It is more difficult than last year, but we are Inter and it must be an opportunity to challenge one of the 3-4 candidates to win the Champions League.”

Tonight could be the turning point?

Defeats must become opportunities, clearly we analyzed Saturday’s match (v Milan). There were times when we did better, but we only managed to score two goals. Until 1-1 we were in control, then there was the empty passage….. Right now it’s like that, we have to work harder, me first of all”.

The post-derby discussion topic was the goalkeeper: did you see the anger towards Handanovic? Can the hierarchy change?

…The culprit is always sought, the culprit is all of Inter. I am the main culprit. The championship is slow, not only us but also the other candidates are going at a lower pace. Now you have to watch game after game, both on the video and on the pitch. We all need to improve. ”

Mané or Lewandowski, who is more dangerous?

We met Mané against Liverpool in the past season, he is a player with crazy intensity that strikes in both stages of the game. Lewandowski is a great player, we will meet them 4 times in a month and a half, they will be difficult but stimulating matches.”

You noted Inter’s strengths and weaknesses in the derby: what was the main mistake not to make tomorrow?

We analyzed it, when there are such painful knock-outs we have to analyze. The most serious mistake is that we stopped doing things after 1-1, a negative episode can happen against big teams. We need to react better, stay in the game as we were in the first 25′ and after 3-1. For a very good part of the derby we had good management.”

Is Mkhitaryan is ready?

He came on in the derby and did very well, he is a player of quality and quantity. He will help us a lot, he slowed down in Lecce but now he has been working at full capacity for a week. He can be an option from the beginning or to come on as the game progresses.”

How is Gosens doing?

Gosens is training very well, he is an excellent professional. Last year he practically lost the whole season, he paid for this long inactivity due to the recurrence of the injury. I’m happy with how he is training, it’s up to me to choose whether to play him.”

Bayern are arriving on the back of two draws….

I have seen the last two games, at the level of statistics there has been no competition. The opponents have been aggressively good at limiting this team which has an intensity and aggression that makes it one of the best in Europe.”

You mentioned blackouts in the derby, did the leaders say something in the locker room?

Absolutely yes. I have seen the reaction I want, but I have always had from this group that has done extraordinary things in a year and something with me. We have lost two big matches,  it matters how the team trains; despite the bad blow, they’ve pulled together in the best way.  Against Bayern we will have difficulties, we will have to be good as a team to overcome them.”

After fierce criticism, will have an extra motivation?

Of course yes. The critics are a daily occurrence in football, the constructive ones I like to listen to because they stimulate me. I will have to make choices for the sake of Inter.”


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