Italiano: “I’m starting to dislike the curse on penalties”


In the aftermath of Fiorentina’s 1-0 defeat to Inter, coach Vincenzo Italiano shared his thoughts on the outcome and his players’ performance. Lautaro Martinez’s first-half goal proved decisive, while in the second half, Nico Gonzalez missed a penalty. Italiano expressed his feelings post-match with DAZN, saying:

“Apart from being angry, I’m a bit disappointed because in matches like this, we can’t find the play to turn it around or not to lose it. We also had the penalty, a great opportunity that cannot be missed. I’m starting not to like the curse on penalties; this is not good. But playing like this, I am convinced that we will achieve great satisfactions.”

He also commented on the choice of the penalty taker, saying, “Regardless of the hierarchies, whoever steps up to the spot must be convinced, must take responsibility. There it becomes a particular situation; we have passed Cup rounds with penalties taken by defenders. Three penalties have cost us three matches.”

Speaking about the tactical approach with two forwards, Italiano said, “I liked what we did with and without the ball, limiting a confident team. Nzola did well, Beltran also, and even Bonaventura as a wide player. We created many situations, putting Inter in great difficulty. We need to recover points because we are losing several.”

On the tactical aspect, he added, “The boys did well to come back; we had to risk something. We worked well in every aspect, except perhaps in the corner action that led to the goal. There, Inter worked with experience, creating a block. Blocks should not be made in football; in my opinion, it could have been whistled.”

Italiano concluded by drawing a parallel between the matches against Juventus and Inter: “They are two teams superior to us in every respect. We will come to beat them, but we still have the two great performances. We are doing our best against anyone, but we are penalized by mistakes from the penalty spot.”

In the press conference, Italiano responded to a question about the transfer market: “Do I expect something? As it is, I don’t expect anything. I don’t comment on the market.”


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