Italy’s EURO 2024 failure: Spalletti and players at odds


Italy’s disappointing EURO 2024 campaign, which ended with a humiliating round of 16 exit against Switzerland, has exposed deep-rooted issues within the squad. According to reports from La Repubblica, the relationship between head coach Luciano Spalletti and the players was fraught with tension and disagreement throughout the tournament.

The reigning European champions never seemed united, with a clear divide between Spalletti’s tactical ideas and the players’ desire for more certainty. This disconnect manifested in lackluster performances on the pitch, with the team appearing disjointed and lacking commitment.

Key factors contributing to Italy’s poor showing include:

* Lack of leadership: The absence of experienced figures like Bonucci and Chiellini left a void in the dressing room, allowing internal factions to form.

* Training intensity: Some players reportedly criticized Spalletti’s preparation methods, claiming they lacked the necessary intensity.

* Tactical confusion: A sudden change in formation just hours before the Croatia match left many players bewildered and unprepared.

* Controversial selections: The inclusion of Nicolo Fagioli, who was involved in a betting scandal, caused tension among some squad members.

The 2-0 defeat to Switzerland seemed almost a relief to some players, who struggled to implement Spalletti’s “perimeter football” concept. This suggests a deeper issue of mental resistance or skepticism towards the coach’s methods.


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