Jorginho: “We believe in ourselves. The group trusts Scamacca”


Jorginho spoke to the UEFA official website about Italy’s EURO 2020 victory, while looking ahead to defending their title in Germany.  The Azzurri squad arrived in Germany earlier this week, and speaking with UEFA (via TMW), the Arsenal midfielder shared his thoughts on the strength of the Azzurri squad and his hopes for this years tournament:

On the possibility of not being a protagonist in this European Championship…

“No. Honestly, it has never crossed my mind. I always believe in what I do. I know my worth. I needed a chance. I worked hard to get it. If you work hard and put the group and the team first, I think good things can happen. I believe this is the right mentality for all of us.”

On the memory of Wembley and the pressure of playing as defending champions.

“We all think about it. I think it was a special moment in our lives, which we experienced with a fantastic group of people. So, it’s something very special in each of our lives. When you play in these kinds of tournaments, there’s always a certain pressure. But we come to this tournament calmly, knowing what we can and must do. We believe in what we’re doing. I think that’s the most important thing.”

On the current group

“Yes, it’s a tough group with great teams. It’s a group that will keep us busy, but we’ll play hard because we’re also a great team. I think it will be a beautiful spectacle for football lovers.”

On the differences between the current group and that of EURO 2020.

“This is a group of guys who want to grow, learn, and improve every day. Everyone is available. I think this is very important. We’re doing very well. So, there are some similarities. The playing philosophy is also similar. We always try to impose our game, to keep the ball because that’s what the coach asks of us, but it’s also thanks to the characteristics of the players we have available. It’s up to us to implement what the coach asks of us, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.”

On the current midfield and that of EURO 2020 with Verratti and Barella…

“Things change because of our roles. We will try to impose our way of playing, but obviously, the dynamics are a bit different because of the roles we have available. We’ll see how we approach the games and how we prepare for them. The important thing is to stay united and give our best to avoid having regrets later. If you give everything, you can hold your head up high. That’s what is asked of all of us, then we’ll see where we can go.”

On the importance of the Premier League in his growth.

“It’s a fantastic experience, a fantastic league, and I think it has helped me grow a lot. I continue to learn every day because it’s different and beautiful there. I’m trying to make the most of every moment.”

On Scamacca in form.

“I think we can trust him, he can give us a lot. He has quality, potential to help us. We expect a lot from him, as from others, he must give his best and make himself available to the team because in the end, what matters is the group and the team.”


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