Juric Reflects on Cagliari-Torino Clash: “Buongiorno Out for a While”


In the aftermath of the intense Serie A encounter between Cagliari and Torino, which saw Torino emerge victorious with a 2-1 scoreline, coach Ivan Juric shared his insights during a press conference. Speaking to a room filled with journalists at the Unipol Domus, Juric addressed various aspects of the match and provided updates on the team’s status. Notably, he discussed the unfortunate injury to Buongiorno, the team’s performance away from home, and the emotional tribute to the late Gigi Riva.

Regarding Buongiorno’s Injury:

When questioned about the condition of Buongiorno, who suffered a shoulder dislocation during the game, Juric expressed uncertainty about the severity of the injury. He remarked, “We’ll see tomorrow morning (Saturday). It won’t be a minor issue. He will be out for a while, then we’ll see what the MRI reveals.”

Assessing the Away Performance:

Juric acknowledged the team’s strong away performances, emphasizing the blend of attractive football, strategic ideas, and resilience. “Away from home, we’ve played great matches but couldn’t secure victories, like in Florence. Today, we could have sealed it earlier, but I witnessed great spirit and the desire not to concede. The game was a mix of good play, ideas, and the ability to endure.”

Tribute to Gigi Riva:

Reflecting on the evening dedicated to the memory of Gigi Riva, Juric found it touching. “It was very moving. I didn’t know him personally, but I’ve seen many documentaries about him, understanding the kind of man he was. He found happiness in this land, and it was heartwarming to see everyone paying this tribute.”

Reacting to Viola’s Goal:

Juric admitted the fear of another comeback by Cagliari after Viola’s goal but commended his team’s ability to endure. “The atmosphere is incredible. It seemed like a game completely under control; we could have scored the third goal, and then the game turned. We knew it; from Frosinone to Sassuolo, Cagliari has overturned many opponents. To suffer like this was even more beautiful.”

Looking Ahead in the League:

With the victory, Juric finds the Serie A standings intriguing. “Very interesting. In the last 11-12 games, we’ve taken the right path with a very high points average. We want to continue like this. We are a bit short-staffed; let’s see if we lose Buongiorno. To compete at high levels, you must be in good shape, and right now, we are a bit thin.”

Praise for Tameze:

Juric hailed Tameze’s performance, considering him a guarantee for the team. “Tameze is a guarantee for us; both he and Duvan have brought a lot to us humanely. He has vision and sacrifice for the team, doing whatever it takes for the group. Whether as a third or midfielder, he had a great game, in my opinion.”

Cagliari’s Survival Chances:

In evaluating Cagliari’s first half of the season and the relegation battle, Juric expressed confidence in Cagliari’s ability to avoid relegation. “For me, Cagliari will survive. They have a beautiful spirit; here, they’ve earned many points, turning the environment into a hell for opponents. They have tough attackers in the box and quality players like Viola, who is playing at the highest levels of his career. I see them as a challenging team, especially at home.”


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