Juventus Evaluating Midfield Options in Ongoing Discussions with Allegri


The Juventus transfer window is not yet sealed, and ongoing evaluations, in collaboration with coach Massimiliano Allegri, hint at the potential arrival of a new midfielder.

Sky Sport Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio reports that the Bianconeri’s transfer market appears to be far from concluded, and the recent addition of Tiago Djaló might not mark the end of their winter dealings. Presently, discussions are underway between the technical management and head coach Massimiliano Allegri to assess the feasibility of incorporating a suitable player into the Bianconeri’s midfield.

Contrary to public declarations aimed at shutting down and dismissing market speculations, behind the scenes, club executives are actively collaborating with Allegri. Their joint effort involves evaluating various profiles presented and available in the market. Following Moise Kean’s departure, a small budgetary flexibility has emerged, and Juventus is currently deliberating on whether and how to take action.


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