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Juventus make approach for Cristiano Giuntoli


Juventus have begun the search for a new sporting director with Napoli’s Cristiano Giuntoli at the top of their list. The Bianconeri are reportedly on the hunt for a long-term replacement for Federico Cherubini and are considering a number of profiles, but Giuntoli is their primary objective.

Calciomercato report that the club have already begun contacts to sound out the Napoli man a few weeks ago in an effort to understand the feasibility of him heading to Turin for the end of the season. Juventus cannot and will not be able to afford extra and unnecessary expenses. Therefore, there will be no severance payment by the Bianconeri for the new Sporting Director to free him from any existing contract.

In the event that Cherubini is not reinstated, Juve’s hope would be to convince Giuntoli to free himself without any severance pay. This is a rather difficult hypothesis, given that De Laurentiis certainly will not let him leave without compensation, but especially since the former Carpi player has stated on several occasions that he is already planning the future summer market:

“I have a contract for next year as well, there are no problems, I have a very good relationship with the president and his family. Praise is always nice but the real challenge is never the last one but the one to come, we always have to think about the future not what has been done and many times we have to think about what was done wrong, not what was done right.”


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