Juventus Set to Secure Kenan Yildiz’s Future with Lucrative Contract Renewal


In a strategic move for the future, Juventus Sporting Director Cristiano Giuntoli is on a mission to secure the promising talent of Kenan Yildiz. TMW report that the mission to safeguard the young footballer’s future has already commenced, reflecting the Bianconeri’s commitment to nurturing and retaining one of the brightest stars in international football.

Kenan Yildiz: A Rising Star:

Kenan Yildiz, one of the standout talents in international football, has flourished in the white and black jersey of Juventus this season. Secured from the Bayern Munich youth academy, Juventus meticulously groomed him through the Next Gen program, and now he enjoys consistent playing time in the first team. The eighteen-year-old German, hailing from Regensburg, opted to represent the Turkish national team. Thanks to Vincenzo Montella, he made headlines internationally before capturing the attention of Italian audiences with his stellar performances shortly after coming of age.

Ongoing Mission to Retain Talent:

With Yildiz emerging as a key player, Juventus is gearing up to fortify its connection with the young talent. The club has already extended his contract until 2027, two years more than the previous agreement, accompanied by a salary adjustment. The last renewal, which took place on August 30, saw the player express his joy and commitment to the Bianconeri.

“Kenan Yildiz renews with Juventus until 2027,” read the official statement on the club’s website. “The Turkish forward, born in 2005, who joined Juventus in July 2022, extends the duration of his contract after unforgettable weeks.” Yildiz shared his sentiments post-renewal, stating, “I am really very happy to be part of this club. At the moment, I have no words; it’s almost too good to be true! My goals are to improve every day, working on the field, trying to learn as much as possible to continue my growth path within Juventus. I did not expect this renewal so soon, but I have worked hard, and I hope to continue in this way.” The young talent has indeed surpassed expectations.

Tripling the Wages:

Recent discussions between the parties have revolved around a new contract to be signed with Juventus. The proposed agreement aims to extend Yildiz’s stay until the summer of 2029. Currently earning approximately 300,000 euros with bonuses, the intention of Cristiano Giuntoli and the Juventus management is to raise Yildiz’s salary to over 1 million euros. This significant increase aims to fend off potential suitors who are already eyeing the talented player.

As negotiations continue, Juventus remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing and retaining Kenan Yildiz, ensuring he remains a vital asset for the club’s future endeavors.


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