Kenan Yildiz: ‘Juventus presented me with the best sporting project ever’


Juventus youngster Kenan Yildiz says Juventus presented him with the best sporting project, while bayern Munich moved too late. The Bianconeri talent was recently been confirmed as a permanent member of the clubs first team, just a year after joining the clubs Next Gen side. Speaking with Tuttosport, Yildiz explained why he opted to make the move to Turin, despite having spent his youth career with Bayern:

“Leaving Bavaria was strange, but Juventus presented me with the best sporting project ever and the Bayern executives moved too late with my entourage, however much they wanted to keep me.

“I believed from the beginning in the possibility of breaking through in Turin. I started with the Under-19 team to get used to the country, the game and the language, then I played a few games in Next Gen and, in the summer, they allowed me to go on tour in the United States with the first team: it was incredible, because I started to share training sessions with players, like Chiesa and Vlahovic, who I had previously only admired on television!”

“Allegri? Hearing his praise was an honour for me, it made me realise that I’m on the right path to reach my goals: I have a great relationship with the man, who is a great coach and also a great person. When I made my debut, a dream came true for me: it was an explosion of emotions! And it’s special to play at the same club where my role models from the past like Baggio, Zidane and Del Piero played.”

“The city of Turin? At first I stayed at J-Hotel, then my parents moved to Italy and I moved in with them. My Italian has also improved now: I understand well, I’ve even started to speak it. My mum knows the language perfectly: unfortunately she never spoke Italian to me when I was a child, it would have helped me today.”


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