Lautaro: ‘I want to renew my contract with Inter’


Inter striker Lautaro Martinez confirmed that he wants to renew with the Nerazzurri, while only the Champions League is missing after their Scudetto success. Speaking with Fabio Fazio – host of the “Che tempo che fa” program – the Inter captain, spoke about the clubs exceptional season, his hopes for the future and his career to date with Inter and Argentina:

SCUDETTO – “Two years ago, we came close, and this year it was the main objective. We worked a lot, suffered a lot, and after so much sacrifice, we did it.”

WHAT DID YOU FEEL? – “I remembered a lot about two years ago, about that summer when I was a bit angry. Images, sensations come to mind. Since my daughter was born, I started winning titles.”

DERBY – “Since we started calculating for the Scudetto, it became something special for us. Winning the second star in that way against them at their home… For us, it was a wonderful, incredible thing that had never happened before. We entered the history of this great club, and it’s very important for us.”

PRE-DERBY TRAINING – “On the morning of the match, we went out to train because we always have breakfast together during every retreat, and then we worked for an hour and a half in the rain. I’m an early riser, so it’s fine. We released some anxiety.”

ARGENTINA – “Friends, family, everyone. We all felt it and everyone was very happy. We suffered a lot two years ago when Milan won, so for us, it was a special, unique day that we will never forget.”

WHY DID YOU GET ON THE CROSSBAR? – “I wanted the same photo I took at the World Cup.”

EL TORO – “In my short career, I’ve changed a lot. In Argentina, I played differently, then I went to play as a striker. Even with Inter, I change a lot, but when I started, they called me that because I was strong.”

CHILDREN – “They are Interisti from birth, as they say.”

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – “Last year, we had a crucial Champions League journey. Reaching the final is difficult because there are strong players and teams, and from the beginning, we played excellent games and made it there.”

THE MOST IMPORTANT GOAL – “Definitely in the semifinal against Milan. Because of what happened afterward, because Inter hadn’t reached the final in a long time.”

MILITO – “On October 31, 2018, I made my debut in Argentina, he was coming out, and I came in. That’s also a photo that remains in my heart because he’s someone who helped me a lot. I was 17, and he came from Inter, and he taught me a lot.”

THE NUMBER 10 – “When they bought me, I played with the number 10, and I knew it was free at Inter. I asked Ausilio, and they told me they’d think about it for a moment, and in the end, they gave it to me.”

MARADONA – “Unfortunately, I didn’t have the fortune to meet him. I know Coppola well, his agent, with whom I talked a lot, but Diego was not doing well at that time, so I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him.”

MESSI – “We’re talking about a player who has marked football. In training, you see things that seem strange to you; it seems like he’s playing a different sport. He invents things that even you don’t know. And every time he does something new. He’s a competitive animal, he never wants to lose.”

THE BIGGEST DREAM? – “The Champions League. That’s missing.”

POPE FRANCIS – “I know he loves football and he’s our first fan. It would make me very happy to go with the kids and my wife and meet him.”

BAHIA BLANCA – “My dad was a footballer, my grandmother was one of the first female footballers in Bahia Blanca. I followed my dad, who played professionally for 3 years, and he taught me the love for this sport and discipline. He wasn’t a dad who was too close to me. He let me do things, and when I asked him for advice, he gave me his point of view. My brother plays basketball and football.”

THE CHILDREN – “They changed my life. I will try to teach them the values of life and then raise them with humility and respect for family, health, and love. It’s as if I was born again with them. I started looking at life in a different way.”

Fazio shows Lautaro the photo where he had his head shaved only at the “crest”

“There was a worse photo. Until I was 11, I had hair down to my waist, then I cut it. This photo was taken when I made my debut, and before the first game, there was a tradition of getting your hair cut.”

RENEWAL – “Am I the flag? That’s what they say. Since I arrived at Inter, everyone treated me in a special way, and I’m very grateful. Since I started playing, I’ve always said that you never know in football. I’m very comfortable in Milan, my family is very comfortable, and I have the will to renew. I trust that it can be achieved.”

RETURNING TO BAHIA – “It would be difficult to convince Agustina. At the end of my career, I could go for 6 months, and then I come back here (laughs).”


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