Lecce’s Krstovic: “I’m not happy if I’m not scoring goals. I Dream of taking Lecce to Europe”


Lecce forward Nikola Krstovic expressed his thoughts on the team’s recent performance and his aspirations in an interview with Corriere dello Sport. The Giallorossi earned a hard-fought 3-2 victory over Fiorentina on Friday, impressing many with their tactics and approach to the match. Speaking with Il Corriere, Krstovic explained his ambitions for the club and his hopes for the future:

“We’ve been a bit unlucky lately. We played well, created chances, but it was others who celebrated. In the second halves, we often worsen, and even against Fiorentina, we risked too much after 45 perfect minutes. We are the youngest team in the league, and inexperience is felt at times.”

The Montenegrin forward, who has scored 5 goals in his debut Serie A season, shared his deep connection with scoring: “What is a goal for me? Oxygen, fresh air, something that makes me the happiest man in the world in a fraction of a second when I score and the saddest man for a week when I don’t. Without goals, I feel unwell.” Krstovic then revealed his football idols: “I have two: Ibrahimovic and Benzema. And then Mirko Vucinic, obviously.”

Discussing his goals with the yellow and red jersey, Krstovic expressed a strong affinity for Lecce: “I would like to write the history of Lecce. I feel really good here; I feel at home. It would be a beautiful dream to take Lecce to Europe. I think that if this group could stay together for two or three years, if no one leaves, and we continue with this unity, we are so young and talented that we could approach the positions that matter.”


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