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Lega Serie A plan change in TV rights


A report from La Repubblica claims that the Lega Serie A are planning to reallocate TV rights next season in a bid to increase revenue. The news comes as five Serie A sides are about to play in the semi-finals of all of the Champions, Europa and Conference League’s, the biggest representation of any country and the first time in history that it’s happened.

La Repubblica report (as cited by Calciomercato) that in recent seasons, Serie A has been, essentially solely broadcast by DAZN in Italy. The future, however, may hold a completely different scenario as the latest idea of the Lega Serie A is to hand over co-exclusive rights to two operators: DAZN and Sky. A ‘matryoshka’ bid with different packages and with the goal of reaching €1 billion in revenue.

The two operators would co-exclusive 9 out of 10 matches, while one postponement per week would be available to Amazon or Mediaset. For fans to follow the exploits of their Serie A team, one could choose whether to take advantage of Sky’s offer, which features well-known faces of Italian football past and present, or the newer format of Dazn.

The last three years of Serie A was worth €927 million, while the goal now is to reach €1 billion in revenue. Moreover, the next package will be sold for the first time not for three years, but for five seasons. The final one game in the deal, which would go to Mediaset or Amazon, should be worth about €100 million a year.


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