Lotito: ‘New stadium? They prevented me from building it’


Lazio president Claudio Lotito says building a new stadium in Rome would be complicated: ‘I was prevented from doing so; it was a mistake for the city.’ The Biancocelesti patron chatted with Radio Tv Serie A about the strength of his new look Lazio side, the importance of belief in the team, and why a new stadium could be in the works, but it will take some time to convince everyone:

“This year Lazio is a more competitive team, with quality players in all roles, including substitutions. I think I’ve put together a competitive team that can compete with everyone, but it’s a question of being certain of your own means, this can make the difference.

“Last year we came second because the team believed in their own values and not because some other teams had failures. If they believe in their potential they can do well and give satisfaction to the fans.”

“We have to keep our feet on the ground. We have to believe in it, we played the first two matches without getting results, this must be a warning to understand that every match is a story in itself by always remaining focused.”

“We have spent 101 million, investing in quality players but with prospects and creating a path of further growth under the direction of our coach, who is a teacher of football. There is certainly no lack of quality in the game, now it’s about bringing home the results.”

“A new stadium? I am well aware of the problems that can affect the realisation of a stadium. I am working on a number of ideas, not least the Flaminio, and then we will see what the solution will be.

“We have to make a stadium that is efficient, that is adequate to the needs and that can represent added value. If you restructure a stadium with an evocative value like the Flaminio you have to leave that you will never be able to field some revenue activities. In Rome it is complicated to build a stadium from scratch, I proposed it on a piece of land I owned but I was prevented from doing so; it was a mistake for the city. Now we are working on some hypotheses. The Flaminio may have historical value and solve, on paper, the problem, but it will certainly not make revenues more efficient.”

‘The fans have understood that there is a serious project. When I took over the club it had a turnover of €84 million and was losing 86.5 million. We have managed to restore it, after Juventus we are the ones who have won the most and now we are working to give more satisfaction to the fans with good play and organisation. We have a state-of-the-art sports centre, let’s see if the sports results will bear out these efforts.”


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