Lotito Stands by Sarri for Now Amid Lazio Crisis


The recent defeat in Bergamo has sparked a crisis for Lazio, coming twenty days after a victorious derby in the Coppa Italia and four consecutive wins in Serie A. While the club has expressed support for their coach, Maurizio Sarri, discussions are ongoing.

Il Corriere dello Sport report that Claudio Lotito’s busy schedule has left  little time for informal phone conversations, however, amid growing concerns over Lazio’s performance, Lotito’s stance on the situation is clear: Sarri’s position as head coach is not in immediate jeopardy.

While he’s refrained from discussing specifics, his commitment to retaining Sarri remains steadfast, despite reports suggesting potential phone calls between Lotito and Sarri may have been in regard to the future of the coach’s position in the capital.

Speaking recently to the same newspaper, Lotito is quoted as saying: “I am not firing Sarri. I only hear nonsense. I don’t understand what the problem is, I will deal with it and take charge of the situation myself, as has happened other times in the past. Other coaches? I’m not talking to anyone today.”

The report outlines how the club’s management continues to support Sarri, recognizing his value to the team and dismissing any notions of immediate change. From Formello, Lazio’s training ground, there’s a sense of unity among players and staff, with few advocating for Sarri’s dismissal.

Sarri’s recent remarks to the team highlight his frustration with the situation. However, the club interprets his words as a call for improvement rather than an indictment of coaching decisions.


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